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Letters in the Lunchbag
Capturing the power of love is a challenge for many. After all, what is love and how does one measure it?

“Letters in the Lunchbag” illustrates the true love and bond two individuals can have for one another. This beautiful collection of love letters shows how love transcends all by capturing the innocence, passion, and bond shared by two people in love.

Each letter brings you one step closer to understanding the true foundation required to enjoy a fulfilling and lasting relationship—a true merging of two souls in love.

Writer’s Biography
Arno Ilic is a business consultant by trade. His father had many Orthodox priests as friends, which kickstarted his spiritual journey at a young age. Arno often observed the priests’ and even the bishop’s behaviour outside of the confines of ministry, where he was able to witness their human nature.

He realized that being “spiritual” or “holy” did not exempt human flaw. As he grew older, he read books by authors Alan Watts, James Redfield, Richard Bach, Deepak Chopra, Carlos Castaneda, Wayne Dyer and many more. In addition to these authors, he decided to read the bible twice, and attend various seminars focusing on human behaviour.

Arno stored years of this knowledge and later applied it to managing people and coaching others to be leaders in a mindful manner. The questions he has received about life and personal growth led to the inspiration for his upcoming book, The World According to AI.

The World According to AI

Coming early next year

Often, I have wondered if what we really think makes any sense. For instance, we worry about the past and the future, and neither one are here. We are easily insulted and offended when someone calls us a name. When we meditate, we are thinking, “Am I doing this right?” And then we wonder how we can get rid of stress and anxiety. Do we look outward for answers? Do we wonder why we are here, in this life?
Our brain is really a computer. We have programmed our lives to what is reflected outwardly. Our brain is artificial intelligence. It takes our input (filtered from past experiences). It adds to it, causing us to artificially react as we are programmed. Hardly intelligent! It may be time to reboot our computers.
This book will provide you with the needed perspective to look at things differently. Through years of insight and experience, this book offers you to look at life in such a way that can change your life. Start taking ownership of who you are.

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