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We help companies manage their internal operations effectively with the implementation of proven business coaching methodologies and leading management practices adaptable to all stakeholders within an organization.

About Principle Consultant

Arno Ilic

Arno Ilic, Principal Consultant, Life Coach
Arno is a results oriented professional who has 25+ years progressive experience in all aspects of Human Resources and Operations’ Management. He is a decision maker and team leader with deep domain expertise in change management, labour relations, and performance management.

Arno is heavily focused on the bottom line, possessing a unique ability to assess any problem from a variety of perspectives. He uses his deep expertise to connect with people at all levels to promote positive outcomes for the people, processes, and policies that drive an organization forward.

Expert in:

Human Resources

Decision Making

Team Management

Operations Management

Tap into over 40 years of industry experience
Ilic Management Consultants combines decades of experience in human resources, management operations, and has provided consulting services since 2009.

Our clients receive the proper knowledge and skills needed to achieve their business goals. We measure our success with clients by their ability to empower their employees as they achieve their overall purpose.

Professional Expertise


The most efficient way to measure performance on a macro scale is to compare any initial goals that have been set to the overall outcome of their achievements. You can also measure your performance by comparing incoming costs to the selling price of your outgoing commodities.
We assess the performances of entire teams based on their predetermined business goals.

There are many aspects to leadership and how to measure them. We measure leadership by the health of teams within an organization, and the efficiency of tasks management and fulfillment.

Are employees engaged in their work? Is absenteeism frequent in most departments? Are the leadership roles within an organization operating fairly? Is great performance regularly rewarded in the company? Our leadership audit will determine the outcomes to these questions.

Steady policies and strategic plans are integral for any company. We offer a system that helps your business stay on top of your internal policies and operating procedures. We ensure that your practices and policies are updated to reflect a proper mistake-proof methodology.

Change Management

Navigate change management with a customized plan that fits the exact needs of your company. Get a good grip on your entire business analysis process, and your communication plan.

  Business Analysis

  Communication Plan

  As is Analysis

  To be Analysis

  Needs Analysis

  Impact Analysis

  Gap Analysis

  Risk Analysis


Work through your long-standing labour relations issues. Master your arbitration preparation, dispute resolution, management consultation, attendance management, and contract interpretation skills.

  Arbitration Preparation

  Dispute Resolution

  Management Consultations

  Labour Relations Policies

  Attendance Management

  Contract Interpretation

Performance Management

Assess the performance of your internal team’s management with hands-on leadership coaching in setting measurable goals, engaging in frontline leadership, empowering creativity, auditing policies, and garnering impressive results.

 Provide Measurable Goals

  Leadership Coaching

  Engage Frontline Leadership

  Focus on Results

  Empower Creativity

  Audit Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we retain and grow our customers?
Befriend your customers and go above and beyond to meet their needs. Discover the number one cause that makes them lose sleep at night and offer appropriate solutions. If you make yourself invaluable to them, they may willingly promote your business without prompting.
How do you measure productivity?
Start by defining your objectives. Then, ensure that these objectives are reasonable and measurable. If you cannot measure your business goals,they are not goals worth having. Performance plans should include measurable results–regardless of whether you measure an assembly line or the Human Resource Department–everything can be defined.
Are your performance plans in alignment with your strategic plans?
Everything flows from the strategic plan. The best place to start is by outlining your company vision and mission. Operating without a strategic plan is like having a car and not knowing the direction you want to go in. The strategic plan is the first step in determining the best direction for your business. It’s important to establish your budget at this stage. How much is it going to cost you to implement your entire strategic plan? Which departments will be responsible for what portion? What measurable objectives will each department be assigned? When this is determined, a company can confidently move forward with their performance plan.
What do I do if I’m unsure of how to proceed with performance issues amongst teams?
Many companies fail to properly inform their employees of their expectations. In some cases, it is only when employees fail to fulfill expectations that they are notified of their lack of performance. Employees need to be given clear instructions on what their performance measures are. Management’s performance expectations should be clearly stated to employees through proper documentation. If performance bonuses are involved, a scorecard should be kept to know what levels of achievement are required to meet those objectives.
What do I do if my company has initiatives that need to be implemented but no role in place to carry them out?
Rather than hiring someone full-time and having to let them go down the road, an alternative may be to link up with an outside source to set up your action plan. We at IMC have the know-how to assist you in that.
What do I do if I’m struggling to get my company’s overall message across with the most clarity?
A lack of a good change management plan is the primary source of failure for implementing new ideas or procedures. There are so many aspects that go into a good strategy for organizational change. It is not sufficient enough to know where you want to go; you also need to manage your employees’ fears and concerns along the way. Nobody likes change. Change brings about uncertainty and anxiety. The best way to appropriately manage change in an organization is to implement a strong communication plan. Determine the training you need to get from the “as-is” stage to the “to-be” state. Assemble a team that has clearly defined roles to engage employees as changes begin to take place.
Are labour issues such as absenteeism or disciplinary actions hitting roadblocks?
It is vital to have a proper Human Resource Policy that addresses progressive disciplinary procedures and absenteeism issues. These two issues are not the same and should not be treated comparably. For instance, there is usually a clearly defined line with disciplinary cases regarding what is acceptable and not. The only piece missing is the quantum of discipline under varying circumstances. Absenteeism, on the other hand, is usually seen as innocent of culpable behavior. Therefore, the thrust is to have the employee aware that they are below the norm in attendance and commit to regular attendance. Should this fail, the onus is on the employer to determine if the prognosis for consistent attendance is foreseeable. Accommodation may also be required if the employee is permanently disabled.
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