The World

According to ai

(it’s not what you think!)


“The World According to AI (It’s Not What You Think!)” by Arno is a thought-provoking book that delves into various aspects of humanity and the human experience in today’s technologically advanced world.

Throughout the book, he encourages readers to break free from societal norms and rediscover their own agency in creating positive change.

Contrary to the prevalent “saviour complex mentality,” the book calls upon readers to take action and actively participate in making a difference in the world. By embracing the present moment, recognizing our shared humanity, and celebrating our unique aspirations, we can regain our sense of purpose and impact society positively.

It is an inspiring call to action for readers who want to break free from the cycle of consumerism and rediscover their ability to make a positive impact on society.

“The World According to AI” serves as a comprehensive guide to achieving consciousness and understanding the nature of reality.


Arno was born in Germany and came to Canada at a young age after the war. He found much prejudice against Germans. When his mother applied for a job, they informed her that the position had been filled, only to discover the wanted sign back up the next day. He had similar experiences, not from his classmates but from their parents. At the same time, he became aware of the mistreatment of African descendants. In class, he heard many European immigrants being made fun of. He felt that once he lost his accent, he would blend in with the rest of the white Canadians, much like many of my European friends. He knew he could fit in because of his skin colour. But what of all those of colour and the indigenous communities? Unfortunately, they will be marginalized until we grow as a nation and start questioning the validity of other people’s assertions. This caused him to be mindful of those less fortunate.